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BOC for couples conflict management book

“This genius little book will teach you how to transform your conflict into closeness. A beautiful read for anyone in a relationship they want to take higher.”

—Regena Thomashauer, NY Times bestselling author


Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell have been work and life partners for the last 20 years. Together they run a company called Thrive! Inc. where they offer speaking, coaching, consulting, retreats, workshops, and other services with one goal in mind: to help people realize their potential, and feel happy, healthy, and fully alive. 


Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t actually know if I’m experiencing ‘conflict’ in my relationship. My partner and I don’t have explosive fights. It’s not like that.” But conflict doesn’t always look like a high-volume, screaming, hysterical fight. It can appear in many forms. Do any of these statements feel true for you?

Do any of these statements feel true for you?

“I want more intimacy in our relationship. I feel like we’re just roommates.”

“We used to have so much fun together. But nowadays everything is just so… blah.”

“There are certain things I want that my partner is just totally disinterested in.”

“I sometimes wonder if my partner is even attracted to me anymore.” 

Those are the kinds of things we hear from our clients. If any of those statements ring true for you, or for your partner, then this book holds some helpful ideas for you.

“We’ve got a few recurring arguments that we can’t ever seem to resolve, like whether to spend the holidays at my parents’ house, or theirs.”

“I’m not sure if we share the same vision of the future anymore.”

“I don’t feel attracted to my partner anymore.”

“I feel like I’ve forgotten who I am outside of this relationship. I don’t have very many passions of my own. Everything revolves around us, our life, our home.”

“I want life to feel more exciting, more alive, better, just… different.” 

“I feel like I’m always irritating my partner just by existing, like somehow everything I do annoys them!”

“I usually just go along with whatever my partner wants because it’s just easier that way. I don’t want to upset them.”

“I can’t be myself in my relationship. I’ve just accepted it.”

“There are topics that we just can’t and don’t talk about.”

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