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In relationships, conflict is inevitable. Sooner or later, you and your partner are bound to disagree about something—or have different preferences! This doesn’t mean your relationship is “doomed.” When approached in the right way, conflict can be a beautiful thing.


Conflict provides an opportunity to speak honestly, be curious about one another, brainstorm together, and come up with creative solutions to the issues you’re facing. Conflict can actually strengthen your relationship rather than drive you apart.


The Beauty of Conflict for Couples is the second book from CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke—conflict experts who’ve worked with couples for 20+ years in their private practice, and at couples’ retreats and workshops.


In this book, you’ll learn:


  • What conflict really is—and why it arises in relationships.

  • How to settle yourself so you don’t react hastily and without awareness.

  • How to have a productive conversation instead of just arguing and getting nowhere.


You’ll also learn:


  • How to improve your relationship even if your partner isn’t willing to “do the work” and you’re the “only one” who’s trying to make things better right now.

  • How to repair broken trust and misunderstandings once they’ve happened.

  • How to build a strong, long-lasting relationship, create more intimacy and passion, and thrive with the person you love. 


The Beauty of Conflict for Couples is ideal for:


  • New couples who want to start their relationship on a strong foundation and avoid unnecessary stress and friction in the future.

  • Seasoned couples who are tired of fighting so much, including couples experiencing the “quieter” types of conflict—like boredom, apathy, or loss of sexual interest.

  • Couples dealing with big challenges (infidelity, money struggles) and life’s smaller challenges, too (conflict about chores, hygiene, or what to make for dinner tonight).


Conflict doesn't have to be a deal breaker. This book provides tools you can use right away, inspiring stories about real-life couples, and above all, a message of hope. Don’t give up on your relationship too soon. Learn new communication skills, approach conflict in a new way, and watch your relationship transform.

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