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Chapter 1:

RomanceFalling in love feels amazing... but did you know you’re primarily having a relationship with your “imagination”?


Chapter 2:

Conflict“Why isn’t s/he doing what I want?!” What conflict is, how it arises in relationships, and why even relatively small conflicts (laundry, dishes, etc.) can feel so upsetting.


Chapter 3:

How Do You React?What it means to “opt out” of a conflict—and three opt out styles that may be undermining your relationship.


Chapter 4:

There’s Another Way!Responding rather than reacting. Opting in rather than opting out. How conflict can lead to fresh and unexpected solutions and a stronger, more passionate relationship.


Chapter 5:

The MeHow to take good care of yourself, stay true to yourself, and not “lose yourself” when you’re in the midst of a challenging conflict.


Chapter 6:

The WeHow to discuss “hot topics”—difficult, sensitive, emotionally charged topics—with your partner in a productive way.


Chapter 7:

The SituationExploring the problem or dilemma that you’re trying to solve with curiosity and vulnerability—and finding creative solutions.


Chapter 8:

Before You Do That...Lastly, before you choose to have an affair (or make any other major decision about your relationship), read this.


Closing Thoughts

The Tools: A list of tools and exercises that we mention throughout this book—and where to find them—in case you’d like to hop to those pages, read those sections again, and refresh your memory.

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